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Want to play?

The BWFFL welcomes new players! All games are played on Sunday morning or early afternoon, September through mid November, in Roslindale.

Rosters are now OPEN for the 2019 season!

Our Constitution:

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Purpose & Intent:

In our society, winning tends to be emphasized more than pure competition itself and the values and/or benefits of competition can be lost. It is the desire of the BWFFL, through it's games, to promote, organize, offer competition, increase skill level, develop strong character and personality traits, high self-esteem, encourage good sportsmanship as well as comradeship amongst other athletes and to professionalize the sport for females. The spirit of the game of women's flag football lives in effective blocking, aggressive flag-grabbing, tireless pursuit, skillful running, passing and kicking, and well-planned game strategy. This positive atmosphere cannot be maintained unless the spirit, as well as the letter, of the playing rules are observed.