A Division

King Pins
The Kingpins are a team with two goals in mind: have fun on the field and have fun off the field. We're shifting things around this year, so looking for players all around the field but are most in need of linemen (line women? I never know). We boast a range of skill & experience levels – from hard-worn, bone-crushing vets, to spanking-new, thumb-sucking rookies.  We won't be holding mid-week practices during the season, but we are getting the team together a few times preseason to shake off the dust.  We are a social group and a team of friends – always up for a few beers & a round of buckhunter at the JJ. Whether you're a member of the fun-means-winning crowd or the fun-means-drinking crowd, you'll get it all with the Kingpins!

Jeanie Johnston
The JJ is looking for linemen, (offensive and defensive) as well as a couple of skill position players. If you played basketball, hockey, softball, rubgy (or pretty much anything) in college shoot us an email. The Jeanie Johnston Team (or Team JJ, as we are better known) somehow manages to be competitive despite having arguably the best attendance, and indisputably the most longevity, at the post-game socials. In addition to routinely being the last team to leave the bars, we are often the last team to arrive at the field pre-game, so we are not very strong on "structure" or "discipline." That being said, we still hope to improve each year. No matter what, once we pull ourselves together and get on the field, we are very competitive (most of our players participated in sports at the collegiate level), while still managing to have fun.

Toe Taggers
The Toe Taggers enter the 2008 season with seven returning players and the rest are newcomers to the team. Headed up by Karen Belletete and Michelle Casey, the Toe Taggers return to gain respect on the field, on both the offensive and defensive ends. We are looking forward to our new talented athletes to add a mix of strength & support to the team. The Toe Taggers have been part of Boston Women's Flag Football League since it's inception 12 years ago. Our original sponsors suggested we call ourselves "The Tombstones" but later came up with the name "The Toe Taggers". In honor of our macabre beginnings, we wear black football jerseys. We are looking forward to the 2008 season. Our roster is currently filled.

Foul Play
Are you a multi-tasker? Can you have an awesome time while also winning the crap out of some football games? If so, we want you to join the Foul Play party. We're a fun-loving group with a side of serious looking for a little bit of everything, lineswomen, quarterbacks and  wide receivers in particular. Contact Maxine Jackson if you'd like to join the ranks.

We are the Rebels. We are seasoned veterans. We are rookie newbies. Together we are a diverse and strong group of upbeat, positive, and slightly crazy women. Financially, we are our own sponsors, and we’re damn proud of it. We are all dedicated to giving 100% on the field, but we’re also committed to bringing the fun each and every game. Go Rebels!!

B Division

LAVA is named for the defunct dance club and now sponsored by a lumber company. The Lava women are a mix of ages and skill level but have been together for a number of years. We like to win, and enjoy socializing together after the games win or lose. Lava is looking for a few good position players as well as a couple of lineswomen. We typically practice one night per week (possibly Thursdays this year?) and game participation is based on skill level, attendance at practices and commitment to the team. If you'd like to know more about trying out for our team, please email Tori.

hail marys
Hail Mary, don't fall on your face.
Our Lord is a pint of pale honey,
Blessed art thou among flag football women,
and blessed is the pigskin, like fruit in my womb,
Jesus! I scored!
Hail Mary, Mother of all teams,
pray for Dee and the rest of the lot,
now and at the hour of the other team's death.
Who is Mary? Mary J. Blige of course. What is her motto? Well, it is the same as ours. "No more drama." Come join us if you want to play and have a good time. Don't come join us if you want a fight, a fan club, a girlfriend, a sponsor or an ESPN highlight. We are sponsored by Beantown Physio.

Fighting Irish
The founders of this team, Paula Callaghan and Karen McCormack (of McCormack & Scanlan Real Estate) have been around since the start of the league in 1997. After years of playing on different teams, Karen encouraged Paula to form her own team in 2004. Irish athletes were recruited from other sports and learned as they went along. We advanced to the Super Bowl in our inaugural year with our fearless Irish-born leader, but had to rebuild the next couple years after losing several players. We are bringing back almost all of the roster from last year and look to improve and become a top contender once again. We want to win but we have fun even when we don't. Our roster is currently closed.

Violent Femmes
The Violent Femmes are one of the original teams of the Boston Women's Flag Football League. We are a welcoming bunch, who makes a concerted effort to play everyone on our roster. We are serious about football, but know how to have a good time on and off the field. We enjoy competing and watching the other teams play on Sundays. Many of us have been playing together since the early years and we have evolved into a cohesive unit of teammates, friends and loyal fans.

Loose Cannons
"Football is all very well as a game for rough girls, but is hardly suitable for delicate boys." – Oscar Wilde   (We don't really have anything to say about this quote, we just found it funny.)
We are a newly formed team of veterans and newcomers. We love Football. We love Sundays. We love playing Football on Sundays! Our team philosophy is that everyone plays, but we play to win. Our roster is open and are looking for women who believe that the Team comes first. Come have fun with us!

C Division

Tight Ends
The Tight Ends joined the league seven years ago and are finally beginning to come into our own and gel as a team. We look forward to a competitive season this year, with a lot of fun thrown in the mix. The team has formed many friendships. We like to socialize after the games and you can often find us out together on the weekends.

Show Stoppers
Newly formed team.  

We have a great group of players and are improving with each season. The highlight of the season is our annual Thanksgiving dinner!

first down dimes
Formerly known as "Road Kill," we are a group of athletic, fun, and competitive ladies. We are looking forward to another competitive season.

Blue Stars
The Blue Stars Flag Football Team is a talented team with plenty of experience. Several members of our team have been playing in the Boston Women's Flag Football League for over five years now, but the majority of our team is comprised of women who have only been playing football for a few years. Our philosophy is that there's always room for improvement, so you'll see us out there practicing during the week too. We like to have fun and work towards finding the right combination of playing time and having a successful team. Regardless of whether we win or lose, you will always find members of the Blue Starts at the after-game Socials! We are looking forward to a fun and exciting year! Our roster is now open for the 2014 season. We look forward to bringing on new talent and friends!!!